GOT- 550 Aramid Fiber Packing        

Aramid Fiber Packing

GOT- 550

Description: The high quality Du Pont Aramid Fiber dips PTFE emulsion and lubricating additives. The most outstanding performance is high strength, meanwhile a relatively good chemical resistance, high resilience, low cold flow. Although it is quite wearing resistant, used improperly, it will wear out the pump shaft, so we recommend the surface hardness pf the pump shaft and the protection sleeve reaching 60HRC. This packing is inner dipped the mixture mainly silicone oil, it is easy to assembly-disassembly fast and conveniently.

Product application:
It is a universal type packing, which is widely used in various industry areas, e.g. chemical, refinery, medical, food, sugar making, paper making and electric power, etc. this packing is durable, suitable for wear medium containing solid particles, recommended using for overheat steam, solvent, alcohol vapor, syrup and other wear fluid.
It can be used for 160°C hot water under coolant-free circumstance.
It can be singly used, or combine with other packing, put in the two ends, as an extrusion-proof ring.

Service range:

Rotary pump

Reciprocating pump

Static Sealing


25 bar

100 bar

200 bar

Rotary speed

25 m/s

1.5 m/s



PH Value



About 1.4g/cm3

5 or 10kg each coil, other weight on require; according to the length; Making packing

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