GOT-480 PTFE gasket        

PTFE gasket


Description: GOT-480 PTFE Gasket uses pure PTFE powder or mixture powder, and PTFE sheet, rod and pipe as the material, processed by die-pressing, turning or cutting. In the known plastics PTFE has the best chemical resistance, no aging, low friction coefficient, wearing resistance, and the working temperature range is widest, -180~+260°C.

GOT-480F Improved PTFE Gasket uniformly adds filling material as glass fiber, carbon fiber, and graphite powder to the traditional pure PTFE Gasket. Comparing with the pure PTFE Gasket, it has a better compressive strength, wearing resistance, good thermal conductivity, no cold flow, and low thermal expansion, etc. Different Improved PTFE Gasket can satisfy different needs.

Product application:
GOT PTFE different improved materials can provide you with good mechanical processing performance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance, wearing resistance, low friction coefficient, which is widely used in valve sealing, bearing, and the guide-way, compressor, conditioner fittings that having demands to acid and alkali resistance. Different improved materials, combined with the characteristics of the PTFE itself, can even widen its application fields.

Different filler characteristics comparision:


Improved properties

Glass fiber

Improve wearing resistance;
Chemical resistance


Low friction coefficient;
Good compressive strength
Improving wearing resistance

Carbon fiber

Good thermal resistance;
Decrease in deformation


Improve compressive strength
Good wearing resistance;
Good thermal conductivity

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