GOT-490 ptfe envelope gasket        

ptfe envelope gasket


Description: It is a combination gasket using soft gasket as asbestos rubber, non-asbestos, rubber or graphite reinforced sheet as the sandwich, and jacketed by PTFE film. It has excellent corrosion resistance, and good compression recovery, and is widely used in sealing using various of mediums as strong acid, strong alkali, strong oxidant, chlorine, and pollution prohibited.

Product structure:
490 –V type,section cutting type, cutting the PTFE film from outside to inside wall, suitable for low pressure, economic type.
490—L type,machining (square), mechanically turning the PTFE sheet, suitable for medium and high pressure.
490-- U type,packet folding type, sticking the PTFE with tipping together after heating, generally used for diameter larger than 200mm


Cross section

Aanatomy Type

Machining Type

Bend Type

Product application:
When the traditional cutting gasket can’t satisfy the chemical resistance demands, the GOT-490 Sandwiched and Jacketed Gasket special combination design will be the most ideal solving solution. It can be used in food and medical industry, such pollution prohibited occasions, which can efficiently solve the hard handling mediums as medium-strong alkali, low temperature fluid, oxygen, and chlorine, etc.
1. PTFE has 100% real chemical resistance;
2. It can be used between the temperature range from -200 to +250oC if the sandwiching material allows;
3. Having different mechanical strengths corresponding to different sandwiching materials;
4. Recommended pressure ≤4 Mpa.

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