GOT-510 braided expanded graphite tape        

braided expanded graphite tape


Description: The Braided Expanded Graphite Tape the belt shape structure compacting braided by expanded graphite wire, soft and high strength, usually used as the packing and gasket material. The metal wire reinforced structure on require.

Product Structure:
GOT-510 Braided Graphite Cloth
It is braided by expanded graphite wire, thermal resistant, soft and with certain strength, which is an ideal substitution of the traditional asbestos cloth as the fireproof material. The metal wire reinforced structure on require.
The general size of the braided graphite cloth and belt: width ≤1000mm;thickness:1.5~6mm

Product application:
The belt shape gasket, with no length limitation, is usually used in container, and flange, particularly for the occasions with uneven surface, and high temperature and high pressure, e.g. Gasket exchange device, boiler, pipeline, furnace door, and box cover. The belt shape gasket, is more convenient than the traditional cutting one when install, and in emergency maintenance, the belt shape gasket is very flexible.
GOT-500 is time and money-saving, as no waste of scrap, its cost is far lower than other cutting gasket, using only a few specifications can substitute a large mount of cutting gasket and sheet inventory, simple to install, needing no complicated template and cutting tools.
Temperature: -240~ +550° C
PH Value: 0-14
Pressure: 100 bar (without metal wire reinforced)
200 bar (metal wire reinforced)

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