GOT-520 corrugated graphite tape        

corrugated graphite tape


Description: Corrugated Graphite Tape the graphite coiled material into strip shape with high-precision lathe, and rolled to be waveform shape by special pattern compression roller, is called expanded graphite waveform strip. The model GOT-520 is graphite waveform strip tackiness adhesive. The corrosion inhibition type, please require in advance.

Product structure:
GOT-520 Expanded Graphite Strip

Cut the high pure graphite coiled material into belt shape with precise lathe, comparing with the traditional graphite strip opening machine, the lathe process will not damage the graphite coiled material. It is usually used as the filling material of the wound gasket, and filling ring of the expanded graphite, and used as the gasket in emergency maintenance. Model GOT-520 with self –adhesive, is easy to install.

Product Application:
When used as the packing filling material, directly wound the graphite to the shaft of the pump and valve, to a certain size, and compact it with the gland. For small diameter valve and other emergency maintenance, it is quite convenient, without need kinds of sizes filler spare parts. It largely saves the factory inventory. It is able to used in medium and occasions in which hot water, high temperature and high pressure hot transformer oil, hydrogen, ammonia, and organic solvent, etc. such normal material is not suitable.

Temperature: -240~500°C (-240~3500°C Oxygen -Free Environment)
PH Value: 0 – 14

Graphite grade:


Industry class

Density tolerance g/cm3


Graphite content ≥%


Tensile strength ≥Mpa


Compression ratio ≥%


Spring rate ≥%


Sulfur content ≤%


Chlorine content ≤%


Stress relaxation rate %


Loss on ignition ≤%


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