GOT-541 Graphited PTFE Packing wiht oil        

Graphited PTFE Packing wiht oil


Description: It is braided by 100% gPTFE wire, but under special high temperature silicone oil lubricating treatment, having relatively high density 1.6g/cm3. It belongs to economic type gPTFE packing.

Product application:
Widely used in pump, valve, reciprocating pump, rotary pump, mixer, and agitator, etc. especially suitable for high linear velocity and temperature occasion in which common PTFE packing will not satisfy. It can be safely used in every chemical pump with many medium except for melted alkali metal, fluoride solution, fuming acid, and other strong oxidative medium, also suitable for medium as water, steam, plant oil, and solutions, etc.

Service range:


Rotary pump

15 bar

Reciprocating pump

100 bar

Static Sealing

200 bar

Axle speed

12 m/s





PH Value


5 or 10kg each coil, other weight on require; according to the length; Making packing

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