GOT-570 Carbonized Fiber Packing        

Carbonized Fiber Packing


Description: It is braided by anti-shrink synthetic fiber (Pre-oxidization PAN wire), and dipped by Tetrafluoro emulsion with graphite particles, without silicone oil. Comparing with the carbon fiber packing, it solves the problem of crisp, and is suitable for the relatively high linear velocity situation. The carbon wire has a relatively high strength, good heat conductivity, and the Tetrafluoro and graphite play a extremely good role of lubrication, so this packing will not wear, can long-term be used.

Product application:
This packing can be used for weak acid, weak base, and the medium with little solid particles, suitable for dynamic and static sealing, and mainly used for centrifugal pump, piston pump, mixer, agitator, and valve.
Under the circumstance of without coolant, it can use the 160°C hot water, otherwise it use the 207°C hot water. It especially suitable for hot water, condensate and strong heat carrier pumps.

Service range:


-50~+280 °C

Pressure——Rotary speed

Rotary pump

20 bar-25m/s

Reciprocating pump

100 bar-2m/s


200 bar-2m/s

PH Value


Density (approximately)


5 or 10kg each coil, other weight on require; according to the length; Making packing

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