GOT-611 Ceramic packing with graphite impregnation        

Ceramic packing with graphite impregnation


Description: It is square braided by ceramic fiber, coated with graphite, generally used for high temperature occasions for valves and other static sealing.

Product structure:
The ceramic fiber is the ideal substitute of asbestos fiber in organic and inorganic fiber. The GOT ceramic fiber products use high quality ceramic fiber, and have lots of excellent performances: high temperature resistance, low density, low conductivity, and is an extremely good insulating and flame retardant material.

Product application:
Generally it is used as static sealing for box, furnace, manhole, and box cover, and the thermal insulation and fireproof of pipeline, and suited for water, steam, air, oil, and neutral chemical medium, etc.

Temperature: 850 °C (glass fiber reinforced)
1050 °C(Ni-wire reinforced)

PH Value: 5~9

5 or 10kg each coil, other weight on require;

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